The world now bears witness to an unprecedented situation, with the pandemic and its conditions rendering aspects far from a sense of normal, even in the future. This has affected the very way of working across all sectors, including that of justice administration.

The existing situation is further compounded by a documented history of delays, and although the Supreme Court has allowed online hearings, it has become evident that the justice system is overburdened, bunged with tons of cases. This calls for an improvised, efficient solution to ease the pressure, one such being Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).

A means to…

Through the present health catastrophe that the world knows as COVID-19, arbitration has been shown to adapt better than other dispute resolution methods. For one, it gives parties and arbitrators substantial autonomy and control over the process which enables the arbitration community to continue proceedings.

Given this autonomy and flexible structure of proceedings while arbitrating disputes, these pandemic’s adverse effects can be minimized or mitigated. The 2019 Amendment Act stood as the latest testament to this, by marking India’s shift towards institutional arbitration. …

Authored by: Nitika

Arbitration, mediation, or consultation exemplify Alternative Conflict Resolution (ADR) procedures; to resolve conflicts without resorting to litigation. ADR methods are typically less expensive and quicker. They are becoming more common in cases that would otherwise go to court, such as high- profile labor disputes, divorce actions, and personal injury proceedings.

One of the key reasons that parties can favor ADR procedures to adversarial litigation is that, unlike adversarial litigation, ADR procedures are always constructive and allow the parties to consider each other’s roles. …

Authored by: Vismita Rathi

Violence against women is a matter of grave concern. The immediate and long-term physical, sexual, and mental consequences for them can prove to be absolutely devastating. Arbitrary killings, torture, and sexual violence against women have been on the rise and people all over the world are trying to find ways to redress these issues, which has accordingly resulted in the interest around the scope of Alternate Dispute Resolution in helping resolve them.

A 2018 analysis of prevalence data from 2000–2018 across 161 countries and areas, conducted by WHO on behalf of the UN Interagency working group…

Authored by: Albina Jordy

Women are victims of different social evils. They are subjected to problems at their homes, at the workplace, in society, etc. One of the significant examples is Domestic Violence. Domestic violence is any form of maltreatment in a domestic setting, such as marriage or cohabitation. Such violence is one of the significant health problems faced by around 2 million women and 8,00,000 men, resulting in physical injury or mental health injury, death, or divorce.

In the present situation where the world is struggling to combat Covid-19, there is a surge in the number of domestic violence…

“There was a time when people felt the internet was another world, but now people realise it’s a tool that we use in this world.”

Tim Berners- Lee

These are the wise words of the man who is credited with inventing the world wide web, and a rather telling observation by him. We can hardly imagine a world now, where technology is viewed as a separate discipline, and not part of our daily lives.

It is safe to say that there has been a pre- internet world and a post-internet world, and using technology, the post internet world has seen…

Dispute Resolution uses the mechanisms of Negotiation and Mediation in order to let parties arrive at a consensual resolution. Arbitration is the third main method of Dispute Resolution. It is a mechanism in which a dispute is submitted, subject to agreement between the parties, wherein one or more arbitrators make a binding decision. In simple terms, it’s one of the three dispute resolution methods by which people try to arrive at a solution without having to go to court.

The conduct of the arbitration proceeding is very much outside of a court, but resembles a hearing nevertheless, in that both…

Embracing an idea means embracing its methods. Embracing ODR needs to be done rapidly but not at the cost of sacrificing the principles that underly our justice system. This includes aspects that safeguard justice such as fair trials. This therefore begs the question: Why?

Why do ODR methodologies need to be embraced?

Let’s take this from the perspective of India’s justice system, which itself faces several challenges. The key issue in question is how it stands as a system that is not delivering justice in time to give relief to people whose rights are violated. The numbers speak for this.

Before and through the pandemic, the world changed radically. One would observe that there is a massive concentration of wealth and intellectual property. As a consequence, there are a select few people holding power in one hand, and many trying to oppose them on the other.

Services economy as compared to the manufacturing economy is dominant. This means more and more businesses are touching people on an individual basis. The country’s largest respondent is the government. And it’s only getting bigger in the world. More is spent on infrastructure, and balance sheet tallies are higher and higher. …

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